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Great, Now I Have No Reason To Visit Amsterdam

NFL Europe (excuse me...Europa) is likely to have played its final game. And apparently, someone just told Hamburg Sea Devil's quarterback Casey Bramlet mid-throw.

The NFL is expected to cease operations of NFL Europa after 17 years because of increasing costs associated with running the league, according to two league sources...Despite sentiment among general managers and personnel people to keep the league, it's become an expensive endeavor. It's expected the league will take a $3
2 million loss for this season.

I don't really think you'll hear much more than a whimper from NFL fans, and probably even less from any fans in Europe. I was just kinda bummed to find out that the Scottish Claymores were no longer playing. I've always thought we should use more descriptive terms when saying where teams are from. Actually, its probably for the best, otherwise we'd have teams like The American Flagwavers, the Arizonian DryHeat and the Houston Texans.

So say goodbye (or perhaps hello, and then a quick goodbye) to the Amsterdam Admirals, Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Hamburg Sea Devils, Rhein Fire and Frankfurt Galaxy (who have existed in some form since 1991).

You may be wondering if any Syracuse grads would be affected and there are a few.
Linebacker Clifton Smith (Cleveland) and tight end Alex Shor (Arizona) now have to look to their allocatees for a spot on the big boy squads while guard Steve Franklin, linebacker Jameel Dumas and running back Damien Rhodes, all free agents, need to hit Craigslist and find new gigs.