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Gives New Meaning To "Your Mama's A Hoya"

Rivalfish asked the question, "Do you ever watch a sporting event and think, Who the hell does that mascot look alike?" I have to, not really. But I'm glad there's someone out there doing this kind of work for me. They've compiled a list mascots and logos (some well-known, some not-so-much) and their real world doppelgangers. As with any discussion of ill-begotten mascots, Otto surfaced in the discussion, only to be compared to...well...another mascot.

True, there is a similarity, but there's got to be someone more "real world" that we can find, isn't there? Then again, this is a giant, walking piece of fruit with arms level to his eyes were talking about.

The piece de resistance though has to be the Georgetown Hoya:

Mama Fratelli: Four waters. Is that all?
Mouth: No! I want the veal scalopini.
Mikey: Shut up Mouth.
Mouth: I want the fettuccine alfredo. I want the spaghetti carbonara from 1981.
Mama Fratelli: The only thing we serve is tongue. Do you boys like tongue?

Oh, and whatever you do, don't look at the Atlanta Braves/Tim Curry from "It" comparison. It took me a year to get the vision of that freaky clown out of my head after watching that. Now I have to start all over again...