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Funny, I Didn't Get My Evite Yet, Damone

It's Damone Brown Birthday Weekend! But, you already knew that.

You may have been wondering to yourself, "Gee, I hope Damone's okay. Haven't seen much of him lately." Fret not. The former Orange, 76er, Raptor, Net, Wizard and Pacer just wrapped up his first season with the Sioux Falls Skyforce on the NBDL. And he's looking rather dapper over on the MySpace as well.

But its not just about hoops for Brown these days. He's also a budding entrepreneur and Get Fresh Entertainment is his very own record label. According to the Get Fresh website, the label is "more than just an entertainment company, its a movement." So there's that, too.

Sample some cuts, listen to some Comandante so you can say you knew him way back when and if you're having a party, gala or bar/bat mitzvah, request some Get Fresh talent to perform!

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to Damone. I'm a little confused as to how its the 5th annual Damone Brown Birthday Weekend. Shouldn't it be the 28th annual Damone Brown Birthday Weekend? Alas, I'm not gonna let that spoil my good time.

Thanks to Dan for the scoop.