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Forget It Jake, It's Touchdown Town



how...Syracuse...did something nice....


Donnie Webb reports that DOCTOR Daryl Gross announced yesterday that about 5,000 season tickets have been set aside for the upcoming season at the very reasonable price of $100.

"Daryl is confident it's the lowest price in the country for a BCS school," said Pat Campbell, senior associate athletics director (Carrier Dome).

Yeah well Daryl was also confident in Greg Robinson, Syracuse basketball's out-of-conference schedule and the men's lacrosse team's chances this season so I'm not entirely sold just yet...

Total season tickets have been are about 25,000. As Donnie Webb points out, "for a place that holds just less than 50,000, that's not bad...However, it's not where the Orange have been, either." Still, for a team that has five wins over the past two seasons, I think you feel like you're going in the right direction.

But there's got to be a catch, right? Hidden fees? Bad seats? You have to wear the Otto outfit for one quarter each game? To find out, we'll need to call on the powers of someone up to the task of braving the SU ticket system. This feels like a job for
The Axeman!!!

Axeman notes the pricing for all season tickets, including the $100 option:

35 yard line "B" Preferred Season Seating $495.00
25 yard line "C" Preferred Season Seating $370.00
15 yard line "D" Preferred Season Seating $310.00

Best "Sideline" Season Seating $205.00

Best "Corner" Season Seating $205.00

Best "End Zone" Season Seating $205.00

"Touchdown Town" Season Seating $100.00

I'm sorry, Touchdown Town? TOUCHDOWN TOWN??? Apropos its in the upper deck cause it certainly isn't in the Syracuse endzone (hiyo!). Honestly, I hope this is a continuing trend. You could say the band sits in Field Goal Alley! And the student section, well that's actually The Poorly-Conceived Offensive Scheme Squad! Fifty-yard line seats, now affectionately known as Greg Robinson's Bitter Look On His Face After Another Failed Third-Down Conversion Gang!
(Seriously, I want 10% of any signs and t-shirts created for said sections. FYI)

So Axe was able to go through the process of buying season tickets, learning that yes, there are hidden fees, but they're actually not that bad (a phantom $5 fee that isn't actually assign to any specific activity or service that it done for you and a $2 processing fee...which is no more legit than the "fee for nothing.")
So $107 for season tickets sounds like a great deal.

But is it truly? I mean, at the end of the day, are you getting your money's worth? Let's find out.
Here's the home schedule for the Orange along with my scientifically-correct monetary value of each game.

August 31st - Washington

First game of the season and hope springs eternal. It's an opponent we haven't seen in a long time (ever?) and they're in an equal position in terms of rebuilding. We can win this game.
Value: $30.

September 15th - Illinois
The good news it's a Big Ten opponent . The bad news, they're not very good. The good news, we can win this game too!

Value: $25

October 6th - West Virginia

It's a rivalry game and West Virginia is probably going to be undefeated and a Top Ten team at this point in the season. The downside is that we might get shellacked 62-3. Gotta take those chances though...

Value: $25

October 13th - Rutgers

Remember when this was the groaner on the schedule? The Parent's Weekend game whenever it was in the Dome. Well now we're the groan aspect of this game. The Knights won't be as good as last year so there's upset and revenge potential.

Value: $20

October 20th - Buffalo

Sad state of affairs when we can't schedule an in-conference lame duck for Parent's Weekend anymore cause we're the in-onference lame duck. When we went 1-10, this was our only win and it was a blowout. What does that tell you?

Value: $5

November 10th - South Florida

Don't be deceived, the Bulls have snuck up on everyone. All of a sudden, these purported pushovers are ranked and feature a stud QB-WR combo. Probably our 2nd toughest home game of the season.

Value: $25

November 24th - Cincinnati
When I was at SU, this was always the Miami game and we were always home for Thanksgiving. Probably for the best as we usually got killed but still, what a rip. Now...students probably shouldn't feel so bad. Will likely be an evenly-matched game, and who knows, we may be playing for our bowl lives at this point, but that remains to be seen.

Best case value: $30

Worst case value: $10

So assuming we actually win some games and get in contention for a bowl, the value of this season's home football schedule is...$160! At $107, that's a steal! (Of course, if we suck, you're just about getting your money's worth)

So if this hasn't sold you on buying season tickets for a 4-8 team, I don't know what will. Head on over to the
SU Athletics site and make your purchase!

Oh and if this isn't enough for you, the school announced another incentive...two tickets to the New York State Fair with the purchase of season tickets for football. No word on whether or not Coach Robinson will be sitting in the dunk tank.

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