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Film Crew On SU Campus For Reasons Other Than Binge Drinking Story

If you're on campus tomorrow at SU, you may be accosted by a twenty-something person wearing a headset and barking orders about Dennis Quaid's Fresca and where it currently is and how if he doesn't get it in the next twenty minutes there will be hell to pay. Don't worry. This is called a PA and he or she is a small cog in the machine we like to call Hollywoodland (or "Hollywood" for short). And for tomorrow at least, Syracuse University has been annexed in the name of Universal Pictures, a member of the Hollywood Mafioso.

Syracuse University will host the film crew of "The Express", a movie based on the life of former SU running back Ernie Davis, on campus over the next few days...The production team will be on the Syracuse University campus Friday, June 22, shooting five scenes for the movie...Campus locations scheduled to be used by the director include the Quad and areas in front of Hendricks Chapel and Carnegie Library, and areas in front of the Hall of Languages, Maxwell and Crouse College.

If you're approached by any of these "Hollywood-types" and asked to use your dorm/home as a set for one of the scenes, think hard. Sure it would be cool to have a crew come in and film at your place, but you might not get that security deposit back.

Let's be honest, you and I know you're not getting that security deposit back anyway. Film away!

And if you're wondering if you'll get a chance to meet Dennis Quaid or other members of the cast, one IMDB message boarder warns that you might want to be careful what you wish for:

Supposedly [Dennis Quaid] did nothing but chain-smoke between takes and would spend every off-moment in his trailer; refusing to be around the rest of the cast and crew. However, my boss said that the younger black guy was nothing but nice.

When approaching "younger black guy" for an autograph, make sure you're actually talking to
the one whose playing Ernie Davis.