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The Eye Of Albany Is Upon Us

No one would consider the Great Danes of Albany a legitimate threat to the athletic superiority of SU in Upstate New York, but they so seem to be making strides lately. The school recently launched a fancy new sports-dedicated website to promote their squads. The lacrosse team, despite losing to the Orange this season, ended a 15-3 season in a thrilling loss to Colgate Cornell in the NCAA quarterfinals this year. The baseball team won their conference and qualified for the NCAA tournament as well.

And pretty soon, if athletics director Lee McElroy has his way, they'll be hosting teams such as the Syracuse Orange in their brand new $50 million stadium, 15,000 seat multi-sport complex.

Construction of a new 15,000 seat multi-sport complex could begin sometime in 2008, luring more competition from schools like Syracuse University and the University of Delaware, McElroy said. The school is in the midst of a fund raising campaign for the project. "Delaware is not going to come to Albany and play in what we have now," he said.

And as we all know, as the Blue Hens go, so goes college football.

I think the fans of Syracuse would welcome the chance to have another local pushover to kick around, especially these days. But heed the warning, Cusians, Albany is here to compete. McElroy even notes that Albany may have the recruiting edge when all said and done, with options such as "restaurants, schools [and] the arts"to dangle in front of prospective student-athletes. Lord knows we don't stand a chance against the mighty monolith that is the Albany Arts.