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Ernie Davis This, Ernie Davis That

The Express filmed on campus last Friday and there's no shortage of articles about the events of the day. For all the varsity-sweater-related details, SUAthletics, and the Daily Orange covered all the bases. The film's star, Rob Brown, was on hand to film scenes that include Ernie Davis’ arrival on campus, a meeting with the athletic director and jogging through campus with a teammate.

SUAthletics features a nice slideshow of the day. Nice to see Coach Robinson showing up looking like my 7th grade gym teacher surrounded by people in suits and formal costumes. Say what you will about DOCTOR Daryl Gross but the man knows how to dress.

Matt Gelb over at the Daily Orange Sports Blog (which has quickly become bookmark-worthy) wonders out loud if Syracuse has a shot at the film's premiere.

The next step for SU — and if they can pull this off, I’ll be genuinely impressed — is to get the premiere of the movie to be in Syracuse. Miyoko [Ohtake] writes at the end of her article that production members mentioned the possibility of hosting it at the Carrier Dome or downtown Landmark Theater.