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Confirmed: Gerry McNamara Eats Breakfast, Chills Out

With the NBA draft upon us, the many hopefuls who dream of a shot in the pros have had their lives dissected and discussed for months now. Southern Illinois' Jamaal Tatum is one of those hopefuls and he's been keeping a running diary for his school newspaper of what the day-in, day-out progress has been like. In recent days, Jamaal has been making his home in Sacramento and happened to cross paths with another guy looking for his shot at the pro level, Gerry McNamara.

I woke up this morning and ate breakfast with Gerry (McNamara from Syracuse). Both of us met with our strength and conditioning coach, Greg, for a tough workout. It was on a turf football field that was at least 105 degrees. We were exhausted from the workout, so we went back to Gerry's and chilled. Not much else was up for the rest of the day besides a basketball workout with Gusto (Guss Armstead).

Here's a question...upon commencing their "chill" session, did they play NCAA Basketball on PlayStation, and if so, did they play the 2006 version so Jamaal could be himself on Southern Illinois and Gerry could be himself on Syracuse, and if so, who won? C'mon Jamaal, don't leave us out in the cold. What the Cavs think of your offense is nice, but whether or not real-life G-Mac made videogame G-Mac drain a three at the buzzer to win the imaginary Jamaal-Gerry Chill-Out Championship is the kind of thing we need to know!