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Billy Donovon Is In Orlando. Demetris Nichols Is In Orlando. Coincidence???

News and notes from around the orange-y globe:

Cuse Country is doing a bag-up job covering the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando. Demetris Nichols, Terrence Roberts and Darryl Watkins are all in town showing off their assets for the scouts and coaches. All accounts have been exceedingly positive so far for Nichols, Watkins looks good on the offensive side but needs some defensive work and Watkins has a chance to be drafted in the 2nd round as a project. Could we see three teammates from a team that didn't go to the NCAA tournament get drafted? And what does that say about our season?

Nichols also gets some major love from Sports Illustrated.

A likely second-round pick in the June 28 draft, Nichols has certainly demonstrated his [perimeter shooting] to draft-day decision-makers over the first two days of the predraft camp...

Orange lacrosse players Greg Rommel and Steve Panarelli were each selected in the 2007 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft on Thursday. Rommel was chosen in the first round (seventh overall) by Rochester, where he will join Casey Powell, and Panarelli was taken in the third round (24th overall) by Chicago.

They have both since been traded six times.

No, that joke never gets old.

They're building a new dorm on campus, if that's of interest to you. It will be on Comstock and SU "hopes to draw some students away from off-campus living with the new residence hall." Unless it comes with permanent beer-pong tables in the lobby and a kegerator in every room, fat chance.

So you know how every time you mention that you went to school in Syracuse and someone gets one of those shit-eating grins and says "Cold, huh?" or "Geez, I never would have gone to school up there. Glad I didn't get in and went to West Virginia instead." You usually respond by mumbling about how it wasn't that bad or kicking them in the shin. Well at this week's 40 Below Summit recently led a discussion called "How to Sell Syracuse: Be an Ambassador Everyday." It's chock full of nifty comebacks and pro-Cuse bon mots, including:

"We have no natural disasters. We never have to worry about hurricanes. Very rarely a flood. I can live with the occasional snow storm. Then you can get out there and ski."

I can see the city motto now...

Syracuse: 0% Chance Of Earthquakes, 0% Chance Of Hurricanes, 35% Chance Of A Flood...But 100% Chance Of Love.

Finally, a video to tide you over for the weekend. You say you want to see more footage of the 1960 Cotton Bowl between Syracuse and Texas? So be it...