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Billy Celuck Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

You've always wondered what became of Billy Celuck after his time with the Orange. Well, according to his MySpace page, he's doing just fine, spending his days playing basketball, hunting, taking "walks in the woods with guns" and doing anything with friends (that also may or may not involve guns).

But don't think its all fun'n'gun for Bill. He's still got the competitive bug and as you'll see in the below video it drives him even to this day. I'd explain more but I'd much rather you just watch and enjoy. Feel free to fast-forward to the 1:25 mark to see Celuck (you can't miss him) in action if you get bored.

For a better explanation of what the hell is going on,
check out this site. Book your hotel room now, St Ubaldo Day 2008 is closer than you think.