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The Big Question Remains...Did They Finish Thier Onion Rings?

You know, for a show that critics love to point out doesn't get the kind of ratings a CBS or ABC show gets, The Sopranos is generating more discussion today than all of the other season finales put together. If you TiVo'd the episode or just planned on watching it sometime this week on demand, there's absolutely no way you're making it til then without finding out what happened. Spoiler alert, schmoiler alert.

My opinion (because you asked) makes sense. Here's Tony, enjoying a wonderful meal with his family, the people he loves...and every time that door opens he looks up with fear in his eyes because one of these days its not gonna be his daughter walking through that door. It's gonna be a hitman. Or the feds. Or death himself. It's all about trying to enjoy the good times we have (like A.J. said) because they won't last forever.

What (and who) the cat represents...well, I'm not smart enough for that.

Whether you loved the ending or hated it, take your mind off of things with a big Syracuse new update:

The best football players in Big East history by position.

For Syracuse:
WR, Marvin Harrison
DL, Dwight Freeney
S, Donovan Darius
Honorable mention:
QB, Donovan McNabb (Michael Vick was top QB)
LB, Kevin Mitchell

Early preview of the Syracuse football team by a Washington Husky fan.

Syracuse goes into 2007 being labeled as the worst team in the Big East, and is a good candidate to make most people's national bottom ten lists initially. The Orange are rebuilding, and while it won't be quite as bad as 2006, this is definitely a team Washington should beat up on road to start the season. One key for Washington is keeping the Orange out of their offensive backfield. The other is exploiting what should be a porous Orange defense. Washington needs to start quickly, control the ball, and bottle up the Syracuse offense, and watch them self destruct. Jake Locker needs to be wary of the pressure the Syracuse defense can bring and turn it to Washington's advantage by using his speed to make plays. The Huskies as in most cases this season need to establish a strong running game early and control the temp putting away the underdog early.

Project 119 comes to the Carrier Dome.

The Carrier Dome was fantastic. It was a little disappointing that the field was set up for a small court basketball tournament, but I think all that did was open up the place for us to get into a little easier. I thought about how cool it would have been to be able to see Donovan McNabb work his Orange magic on the field.

You know, RJ Anderson worked his magic there too. Respect!

Jim Calhoun falls during charity bike ride, Syracuse to blame.

"There were two Syracuse people, I believe, who said 'Yeah!....oh (damn), he's up,'" Calhoun said.

The coach was, of course, joking. Even Orange fans root for Calhoun when he's taking part in a charity event ( the Jim Calhoun Cancer Challenge Ride)

The difference between Boeheim and Calhoun? Calhoun simply "challenges" cancer, which as well all know, cancer doesn't respond to. Boeheim goes head-to-head versus Cancer, putting it in its place and smacking it around a little. Man up, Calhoun.

The 1992 Hall of Fame Bowl between Syracuse and Ohio State will be played on ESPN Classic on June 14th @ 2pm. So if you're bored and/or unemployed, check it out.

There is no off-season from hating Doug Gottlieb. Discussing Demetris Nichols' draft status:

Can Syracuse' Demetris Nichols shoot like that all summer? If so, he will make a team. Nichols was great with his jumper and equally lost on defense. He will never play in Chicago, Detroit, San Antonio or anywhere they are serious about this thing they call man-to-man defense. But put him in the West with an average defensive team, and he can stretch the floor with his shooting.

Doug, let it go. I'm not saying we will, in fact I'm promising we won't, but for your own sanity, let it go.

Finally, the Sporting News, which despite all assumptions to the contrary, still exists, has put out their college football preseason poll. The Big East is mightily represented with #4 West Virginia, #9 Louisville, #19 Rutgers and #21 South Florida. Another part of their preseason predictions involves likely upset match-ups and they include South Florida over Auburn and Kentucky over Louisville among its probables.

Rutgers and South Florida are being nationally-ranked in college football polls and Washington Husky fans consider Syracuse a cakewalk. My, what a wonderful web we've weaved for ourselves.