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Because Really, We're All Just Rooting For Laundry

I had no intention of quoting Jerry Seinfeld twice in one week. I'm not quite sure how it happened. But there it is, in the title of this post, Jerry's famous bon mot about how as sports fans rooting for a team that changes players, coaches and identities constantly, all we're really doing is rooting for the jersey they all wear. As such, the jersey has become an integral part of the sports experience and something that many fans (myself included) agonize over.

With the recently noted top ten worst uniforms in college football list (of which Syracuse is a proud member), it was also noted that Oregon State unveiled a new set of uniforms that will attempt to do the unthinkable..out-ugly Oregon for next year's #1 ugliest jersey.

But OSU isn't the only team ready to test the boundaries of good taste this season, multiple teams have already unveiled new looks and uniforms for the 2007 season. Supposedly Syracuse has a tweak up their sleeve (or possibly on it) that will get us all talking but until then, we can certainly express our disdain over the choices other schools have made.

(Enormous shout-out to UniWatch, the mecca of sports uniforms and the obsessive study therein)

The ultimate judge of whether or not a uniform is good is the Create-A-Uniform test. Let's say you were playing NCAA Football on PS2 and you were creating your own team. If you took the colors provided and were able to craft this uniform on the game, would you save it, think about it or scrap it?

Yeah, scrap it. Especially the orange jersey with the black God. It looks like someone is lifting up their wife-beater t-shirt to reveal a horrible, horrible tan.

Doing the exact opposite of Oregon State is Michigan State. Less is more and except for a little piping on the sides of the jerseys, you don't have much going on and that's okay. The stripe is back on the helmet too...its a nice tough.

Of course, its gonna take more than nice uniforms to please
this guy. But its a start.

Somewhere in the middle. It's not too busy but its certainly succumbed to the piping wrap-around that has plagued so many jerseys these days. They did need an update though and I think as long as they stay away from the white jersey-black pants combo as much as possible, I'll allow it.

Speaking of, whatever happened to white jersey-white pants? Is that too taboo now?

Despite the now-generic piping-stripe across the back, I love these unis. I love the colors. I love that the orange jersey is a total rip-off of the Denver Broncos whom most of the Boise fans are probably fans of. And I love the blue of the blue jersey, really crisp. As long as they still provide enough flexibility for trick plays, I'm all for these.

I just think these unis are the epitome of what's wrong with uniforms today. The generic wrap-around piping and the multi-color shoulder stripes, plus the overwhelming black when the key color should be the red. There's nothing interesting about these jerseys...if you created them on the video game you'd scrap them just cause they're too boring.

You know that old saying about shining a turd? Miami's gone ahead and done it anyway. It sounds crazy but its actually a much cleaner jersey. That's before you realize the horror that awaits the mixing and matching that will ensue...including the orange jersey with the green pants. Yikes.

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