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As The Big East Turns

Much like Britney Spears, The Iraq War and the health benefits of eating eggs, the Big East Football Conference is a topic that almost everyone has a distinct opinion about and continues to change that opinion based on the current circumstances. In the late 90's, it was fashionable to call the conference top-heavy. In the early 21st century, the cool kids called for the Big East to lose its spot among the top conferences. In the last two years it was chic to be the guy saying the Big East was an elite conference only beginning its ascension to greatness.

In 2007? The Big East sucks again. Apparently.

Many college football previews are making their way onto the Internetosphere and, like
Kermit The Blog here, most of them are considering the Big East a one-year wonder who didn't deserve much of the credit it received last year anyway.

The Big East is simply the least rigorous of all the BCS conferences. Yes, the Mountaineers are pretty good (White and Slaton are unreal, but play some defense there Rich). South Florida is on the rise a bit. And Rutgers was a great story last year, but the Scarlet Knights are going to have to do it more than once and against better schools.

The truth of the matter is that unfortunately, Louisville and Rutgers are indeed due to disappointing seasons in the wake of their best one-year outputs ever. Rutger's cupcake schedule shouldn't allow them to drop too far but don't expect any top ten rankings this time around. Coupled with the end of The Sopranos, the good people of New Jersey can then go back to not having something to gravitate towards to provide an identity other than that of large, stinking smokestacks on the turnpike. (I'm one of them, so I understand the urge, ney, the need for Rutgers to be good. Alas.)

South Florida is being pegged with the too-much-hype-too-soon label. Cincy and UConn are...Cincy and UConn. And Pitts has Dave Wannstadt at the helm, so there's that.

That leaves the Orange who, surprisingly, get a little love.

Syracuse probably should get amnesty. They have Washington, at Iowa, and Illinois. They also have a couple of patsies in Buffalo and Miami (OH), but at least they are trying. And Syracuse has been pretty dismal themselves as of late, so simply scheduling BCS schools of any ilk should get them off the hook. But they get to pay a little for the sins of their brothers (Fredo, perhaps).

Of course, the kind of love Fredo received from his brothers is not exactly what we're looking for.