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All The Snow Ballers Gear You Can Swallow...

The Syracuse Bullies only exist now in our memories...and on their website which has not been updated since the announcement that they will be re-named. The people of Wendy's and Wegman's in the Syracuse area have yet to choose the new name by whatever means that will entail. Sure, we can imagine a world where the Syracuse Bullz, Syracuse Netz, Syracuse Avalanche and Syracuse Sentinels exist...but I'd rather not.

Instead, TNIAAM has taken the liberty of giving you a first-hand glimpse at what the Syracuse Snow Ballers might look like in due time.

It's a rough, initial version so bear with me. I think it tells a complete story know its in Syracuse, you know its basketball and you know some "idiot man child" who enjoys a nefarious sexual act is there with you.

I think it pops.

Ballhype: hype it up!