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Your Lawrence Moten Bobblehead Collection Impresses No One But Yourself

We're only three months away from the start of the Syracuse football season, namely our August 31st game against Washington. Now I know what you've been thinking. "I've got a ticket to the game, there's gonna be hundreds of fine ladies from the Pacific Northwest coming to town, just looking for a Poly Sci major like myself to sweep them off their feet with my heavy drinking, demeaning doublespeak and the Wall of Orange shrine in my basement."

As Lee Corso would tell you, "Not so fast my friend." Straight from the ladies (well, at least one of them) of Huskyland:

I have done a lot of dating. If you are a guy, and have lived in Seattle at any point during the past seven years, I have probably dated you (and I am sorry that it didn’t work out). The weird thing about dating is that you are less likely to find out what you are looking for in a person than you are to discover – or confirm – what you are not looking for. For example, I am a big anti-fan of guys who have to drink heavily to engage in social interaction, guys who say mean things to try to get a girl’s attention, and guys who construct shrines to Syracuse basketball in their living rooms.

Of course this begs the bigger question. Who is this guy living in the greater-Seattle area with a Syracuse shrine in his living room (not his basement, his living room!) and how is he getting dates???