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You Won't Have Jimmy B To Kick Around Any More

Gather the canned goods, call your loved ones and wish them well, load up on duct tape...the end is nigh.

What was once just a passing though in the back of our minds is now a reality. There will come a day when James Arthur Beoheim does not roam the sidelines of the basketball court named on his behalf and there is nothing we can do about it. All the Lawrence Moten knee-high socks, Eric Devendorf homoerotic photos and Etan Thomas poetry in the world cannot change this.

ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that an announcement in forthcoming (I always love these announcements about an announcement) where Mike Hopkins will be named official successor as men's basketball coach at SU.

There is no timetable for Hopkins to replace Boeheim, a Hall of Fame and national championship-winning coach, but Hopkins and the university finally have reached an agreement to put a succession plan in writing. The move has been in the works for months, but final details are being worked out in assistant coach Hopkins' current contract.

All kidding aside I think it leaves us in great hands. Hopkins fulfills all the major criteria one could hope for as an SU fan. He's a great recruiter (had a hand in getting Jason Hart, Hakim Warrick, Gerry McNamara, Paul Harris and incoming freshmen Jonny Flynn, Antonio Jardine and Rick Jackson), he's got the experience (12 seasons working with Beoheim under his belt) and he's one of us (played for the Orange before coaching...just like Jimmy B). Come to think of it, Hopkins and Beoheim have eerily-similiar career paths...someone check to see if Hopkins has a secretary named Beoheim and Beoheim has a secretary named Hopkins...

The only question now is when? You don't make an announcement like this and then stick with the job for another ten years. You make an announcement like this and then you stay for another two, maybe three years. Perhaps long enough to see this incoming recruiting class through to fruition. Prepare thy self, Orange Nation. You have but only a handful of seasons left with Jim. Then again...I think we've got a bright future ahead with Hopkins as well.