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Tailgating The Cuse Way

Know any Washington, Illinois, West Virginia, Rutgers, Buffalo, South Florida or Cincinnati fans heading to Syracuse for the first time this football season? (The more pressing question would actually know University of Buffalo football fans?!?!?)

Send them to this website first. It's a veritable treasure trove of information for the uninformed Syracuse football game visitor. From parking tips (that I sure could have used back in the day) to info about downtown Cuse, how to get around the city and most importantly where Turning Stone casino is, TexanMark has compiled a manifesto for meat-grillers from around the world to enjoy the Syracuse atmosphere.

Personally, I always just enjoyed firing up the grill on the porch outside our apartment before heading down to the game. There's a serene beauty to BBQing in the snow, an intimate experience if you will. The snowflakes always kissed the burgers and dogs with a chilly flavor that you couldn't get otherwise. Although assuming that each snowflake is a frozen drop of
Onondaga Lake water, perhaps that's not such a good thing after all.