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Syracuse Lacrosse Has A Fever...And The Only Prescription...Is To Raid The Local Community College

In a few weeks, the Men's Lacrosse Final Four will be Syracuse-less for the second time in three years. While the onus is on the 2007 season for its losing record, you just need to look back and see that the Orange have been sliding the past few years. 2005 saw a first-round exit, 2006 got us back to the Final Four but not without some favorable seeding and 2007 is, well, you know.

It doesn't take a hardcore lax fan to realize something needs to be done. And while there are better fans than I to propose these changes, might I bring your attention to two pieces of the puzzle that would fit rather nicely...Jeremy and Jerome Thompson.

The Thompson brothers, who led their high school to a 24-0 record and a New York State championship two year ago, hail from the Onondaga reservation. They just wrapped up their first season at Onondaga Community College where they intend to improve their grades in hopes of eventually joining a growing number of OCC transfers at Syracuse. Jerome and Jeremy were recently named NJCAA 1st Team All-Americans for OCC.

Two Native American brothers brought up in the struggling neighborhoods, weened on lacrosse, the game of their forefathers, with dreams to make it in the world by doing what they love with the most prestigious lacrosse program in the country that's down the road but feels like a million miles away. It's something right out of a movie.

Cause it is.

A young filmmaker named Luke Korver is making a documentary about the Thompson brothers called The Medicine Game, that chronicles their mission to enroll at SU. You can watch the trailer here by clicking on "Watch" and then "The Medicine Game." It looks to be a gritty vision of where these guys come from and what it would mean for them to play for the Orange.

And how is that Onondaga CC team anyway? They must do okay, you know, not as well as Syracuse but decent enough, right?

In 2006, The Lazers went 18-0 in a season where no team came within less than eight goals of them and they outscored opponents 445-80.
The 2007 Men's Lacrosse team completed its 2nd consecutive unbeaten season with its 2nd NJCAA National Championship.

Swee sassy molassy! Can we trade???