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Someone Get This Man Some Stickum Gloves

If the entire Syracuse football team is suddenly expelled from school for various misdeeds resulting in the university hiring a straight-arrow coach who wants one more chance to win who puts together a ragtag group of misfits who have never played football before, go through a wacky training period where nothing goes right, get embarrassed by their rival and exposed as frauds, start to gel as a team and find a way to work together, ultimately defeating said rival in a final game...then I think I know where we'll find our wide receiver.

Syracuse sophomore Michael LeBlanc earned a spot in the 100 meter dash NCAA Championship at the NCAA Track and Field Regionals this past weekend. LeBlanc automatically qualified after finishing fourth (the top five qualify) with a time of 10:36. LeBlanc is the current Big East Champion in the 100m dash as well.

You can watch the race below. LeBlanc is third from the right, I'm pretty sure you can't miss the guy in the neon-orange one piece. For the briefest of moments he has the lead in what looks like the half-way point.

Congrats to LeBlanc and good luck at the Championship on June 6th along with fellow qualifier, junior Jillian Drouin. Seriously though, whether the general plot of Necessary Roughness unfolds on the Syracuse campus or not, you're telling me we're so solid at WR we can't finagle this guy into a tryout?