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Our Opportunity To Be Embarrassed On National Televsion Is Still Very Much Alive

With the recent announcement that USC and Virginia were setting up a home-and-home football series starting in 2008, Syracuse fans gave pause. It was only a few months ago that DOCTOR Daryl Gross announced that Syracuse and USC were in a similar discussion but nothing much was heard from it again. Had that deal been kiboshed?

Fear not, Orange fans, our opportunity to be crushed by the most dominant program in all of college football for all to see in a backwards attempt to help rebuild the program has not passed us by.

Donnie Webb reports...

Details are being completed on a two-game football series between Syracuse and Southern California. Dates likely in 2010 and 2011. No word on the basketball component.

The basketball component will likely end up being a big part of this as well, with the Orange's OOC schedule being such a hot topic. If there's a chance to get these two teams on the schedule this upcoming season, I hope that's what the good doctor is working on. The idea of Syracuse's Fab 4 (plus Kristof!) against O.J. Mayo would be just too good to pass up.