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OrangeTube, 5/3 Edition

A look at what's new in the world of Syracuse-related online videos...

Syracuse Orange Basketball 2006-07 Season Highlights
Whenever a highlight video features actual members of the Syracuse coaching staff and basketball team disinterestedly miming Saliva songs appears online, I am required by law to post it.

Syracuse's 1st Annual Undies Run
You know, things like this always sound so much better in theory. This reminded me of that 'Strip Battleship' sketch on The State (which of course is not anywhere online). Two guys sit across from each other playing battleship, both naked, saying things like "perhaps next time we should invite some women to play as well" and "this was a bad idea."

"Focrossketball is the greatest sport ever created at Syracuse University and everyone should know what it is all about."

Bonus points if you can, in fact, tell me what it is all about and if you can watch the below video without suffering an embolism.