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OrangeTube 5/14

I span the Internets looking for the latest in SU-related video hijinks so you don't have to.

McNabb pulls his little "miracle" play
I watched this video of the McNabb miracle TD to beat Virginia Tech in '98 and realized that I had never actually seen the footage of it. I was one of the many field-stormers of the day (as was my mother but that's another story). I just had to post it, if for no other reason than the title of the video, which is oozing with sarcasm.

Syracuse 1989
As for the second video, the embedding option was disabled but I point you to Syracuse 1989, which shows us a couple things:

1. Syracuse in 1989 was exactly the same, except with 700% more mulletude.
2. The fact that this video is soundtracked by "I Love SU," a rendering of "I Love LA" is the most wonderfully 80's thing they possibly could have done.

"Let's leave MIT to the vectorheads...that school's a little to smart for you and me..." Amen, brother.