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The Only Drafts I Enjoy Are Mock In Nature

You probably haven't heard about this but the NBA lottery has happened. It was an exciting opportunity to watch a group of middle-aged men salivate over the opportunity to mark their territory on a 19-year-old boy. There was some talk about a lanky kid from Texas, a fifty-three-year-old masquerading as a teenager from Ohio State and China's latest attempt to play God by creating a collection of ten-foot basketball players.

But the real question lingers over the draft like an Orange-y spectre, calling out to the league "Hey...don't forget about my boy Demetris Nichols...he's good and he almost got his team in the NCAA tournament...that counts for something, right...he deserves one of your non-binding contracts for sure!"

So where then can we expect to hear Demetris' name called in the NBA draft? We asked the least those who don't have Insider columns on Dick. - 2nd round to Orlando - Undrafted
InsideHoops - Undrafted
DraftExpress - 2nd round to Chicago
HoopsHype - 2nd round to Washington
MockDraftCity - 2nd round to Orlando - Undrafted
NBADraftPress - Undrafted

Quite the varying opinions. Demetris could be Etan Thomas' understudy in Washington, riding the bench for a high-powered Bulls squad, dishing to Dwight Howard in Orlando or getting breakaway passes from Gerry McNamara in Bakersfield. It's a toss up at this point.