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NCAA College Football 2008 Looms, Syracuse To Suck Again

Some random notes from the WebTubes...

NCAA Football 2008 is coming. I'm giddy. What makes me even giddier? The Statue of Liberty is
officially a callable play. (Is callable a word? Probably not)


Another day, another top ten. This time, The Top Ten NBA Draft Factories. While not something we're usually referred to as being, Syracuse makes the list...barely.

Carmelo Anthony is the only thing keeping the Orange on this list. Hakim Warrick, Etan Thomas, and Jason Hart all play, and John Wallace, well, at least he got drafted.
This Year
: Sharp-shooting swingman Demetrius Nichols is likely go somewhere between early and mid second round. Big men Daryl Watkins and Terence Roberts are physically imposing, but lack the skills to contribute on an NBA team.

Not specifically Orange-related, but anytime a BC fan gets his panties in a bunch over the mere thought of being compared to a Big East school, we have an obligation to take notice.