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Marriage Is A Lot Like An Orange...

"...First, you have the skin... then the sweet, sweet innards..."
-Homer Simpson

We'll end the day with the following video, which will either warm the cockles of your heart in only a way we deranged Syracuse fans can have the cockles of our hearts warmed, or it will make you despise this so-called "Kevin" for stealing your eight-years-in-the-making plan!

"Sonofabitch! My entire vision...shot to hell! Now I'm stuck proposing with Scooch."

Bleeding hearts, get the whole story here:

Laura and Kevin have been dating one another since I knew them, being about 4 years. While at Syracuse, Laura was the famed and adored Otto the Orange, our school mascot. Well, this past weekend, Kevin took Laura back up to Syracuse for a little vacation. Because his family lives in the area, he had the cover story. One day, they decided to go for a walk in the quad when lo and behold, Otto comes running right up to them. Laura is thrilled with pretty much anything Otto, having donned the Orange suit for about 2 years. What she didn't know is that Otto had, in his hand, a ring.