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If You Want Out Of Syracuse, You Better Pass Speech Comm 103 First

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Over at the Syracuse Scout Board, high ruler and overseer Orangeyes always seems to find every last nook and cranny of Cuse-related news. He found this USA Today article about how a little-noticed NCAA rules change now requires transferring athletes to maintain grades and eligibility at their original schools in order to qualify for scholarships at the new ones.

Sounds like an okay-enough rule and a noteworthy article for Syracuse basketball fans. But oh didn't get to paragraph four.

At Syracuse, men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim says a player plotting a move — he declined to identify him — was given pause by the new rule, finished the current semester of classes at Syracuse and now is reconsidering.

I'd say this opens up a can of worms but I can't imagine many Orange fans don't have a good idea of who this possible transfer is, coughcoughjoshwrightcoughcough.

So I guess in the future if a member of the team we want to stay is looking to transfer, its the obligation of any current students in his classes to give him bad cheat sheets and tutor him poorly. But not too poorly. We want him to stay on the team, not end up washing dishes at Tully's.