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The Greatest Orangeman

Who is the greatest basketball player to ever play for Syracuse University? You probably think you have the answer but upon reflection, its trickier than one would think. Are we talking about the best player over the course of his entire career or just at Syracuse? Do we weight those who played in the pre-Boeheim era differently than the ones from the "common era?" Is there someone out there who could argue for hours on end that the greatest player in school history is Billy Celuck? Is it Billy Celuck's mother?

OrangeHoops came up with the novel idea of letting the fans rank their top ten players. Yesterday Davie Bing led the way but now Carmelo has overtaken him for the top spot. I can't imagine that we can truly consider a guy who played for the team for one season the best Orangeman of all time, championship or not. I mean, as we always love to forget, Carmelo had a "good not great" regular season and only really came into his own in the post-season. Meanwhile, Dave Bing, Gerry McNamara, Derrick Coleman, Lawrence Moten and John Wallace all put in multiple quality seasons and built up impressive resumes. Does Carmelo belong in the Top 5? Sure. Probably even Top 3.

Oh, and currently G-Mac is #10 (too low), Eric Devendorf is #11 (too high) and Marius Janulis (too Janulis!) is nowhere to be seen. All of this needs to be remedied. Now. Except maybe the Janulis thing...I guess I can let that slide.