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Get Your Long Poles, Lacrossetitutes and Brahs Ready

I haven't watched Lost yet so surfing the Internet today has been a trial by fire. There's a few websites I go to daily that I can't visit. Every IM that pops up, I immediately tell that person "I haven't seen Lost so don't say anything," be it my friend, my mother or my co-worker who hates Lost. After I view it, I'll see if I was right. And in the meantime, I'm sure as hell not looking at the comments...

On to a more relatable topic...lacrosse. The Final Four is upon us, whether as a Syracuse fan you are ready to admit that or not. This weekend Duke, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Delaware (!?!) will decide the future of men's lacrosse. Will Johns Hopkins win it and tell the same old story or will a new champion emerge and help change the landscape of the sport?

But perhaps we're getting ahead of ourselves. The real question is...are you prepared? Have you studied up on your lax jargon? Could you identify a long-stick middie from a defensemen? Are you still confused with what exactly is going on with all the sticks and balls and upper class snobbery?

Smittblog has compiled a fantastic viewer's guide for this weekend's Final Four and I highly suggest you check it out, be you a lax virgin or Gary Gait himself. Not only does he break down plays and sights you might encounter over the weekend but he also sets straight some of the background info as well, such as:

Cradle of Lacrosse

This refers to the area of the country that produces the best lacrosse players. Most agree that the actual cradle of lacrosse is Northern New York (Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties). Though you will get arguments from the midget lax diehards of West Genny from the greater Syracuse area, the sleeveless hairlips of Strong Island, the greasy long-hairs of Baltimore and some pop-collared dickheads from Fairfield County. Don't let them try and fool you with facts, stats or "evidence:" it's NNY. End of convo.

As you can imagine, it warmed the cockles of my heart to see this definition the most:

Dude, Brah, Broseph
This is how wealthy white kids with lacrosse sticks refer to each other. Each will be preceded or followed by the word "sweet" or "sick."