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Colgate Pastes The Orange (Sorry...)

In fitting fashion, the Syracuse men's lacrosse team ended the season on a down note, losing 12-5 to Colgate on Saturday in the Carrier Dome. The Raiders tallied the first four goals of the fourth quarter and outscored SU, 6-1, in the final period to seal the win. The Orange finish 5-8 and out of the post-season for the first time since 1982.

In what can only make sense in the world in college lacrosse, the
final poll of the season was the first time that the Orange weren't ranked and even then they still received ten votes. The downside of the whole "let's give John Desko ten votes" rule seems to be have reared its ugly head.

Before the game SU honored Hall of Fame coach Roy Simmons Jr. in recognition for his brilliant 28-year coaching career. A banner commemorating his contribution to the SU lacrosse program was unveiled in the Dome’s rafters at halftime. With the loss and this season, that banner was then torn asunder, defecated on and thrown in the gutter...figuratively-speaking...I hope.

So what is a lacrosse post-season without the Orange like? Troubling, if the seeding is any indication. Cornell, who finished the season as the only undefeated team and garnered all 14 first-place votes in the final regular season poll is of course...
a four seed. And you thought the NCAA men's basketball committee was bad?

Depending on how the whole Duke lacrosse scandal played out to you, Duke's #1 seeding will either be seen as a triumph of the human spirit or proof that there is no God. Personally, the one person I feel bad for above anyone else is Mike Pressler, the former coach who did the least wrong and paid the highest price of all those involved with the team. Instead of leading his team to a possible national title, he'll be watching from home.