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Carrier Dome Roof Not Raised By As Many People As Before

Okay, its 1999. Tennessee, they of an impending national title, are in the Carrier Dome. Both the Orange and the Vols are nationally-ranked. It seems a small Tennessee city has followed their team to Central New York and packed themselves into the west endzone of the Dome. The entire building is rockin' the entire game, fans clad in orange going back and forth with fans clad in, um, different orange. The game comes down to the final play. Tennessee wins (shadily), their fans erupt, we go silent.

Crushing loss aside, it was quite an experience. That electricity that only a packed house can bring to a football game. A feeling that Syracuse fans haven't had the chance to experience in a very long time.
Or perhaps they're just choosing not to.

Back in '99, the Orange had the 36th best home attendance in the country (not bad for a stadium that holds 55k against the likes of the Michigans and Tennessees of the world). But since then the quality of play has eroded and so has the fan support. As of last year, the Orange ranked 62nd nationally, averaging 37,263 fans per game. That's 75% capacity for those keeping score at home.

Can you blame us really? I'm all for sticking with your team when their down, but not if I have to pay $300 to take my family to see the Orange lose 47-3 to Rutgers. Home games against MAC schools certainly don't help matters.

I was about to say this is no big deal and it'll change as the team improves but then I noticed UConn pulled in a bigger average crowd than us last year. Alright now this is officially unacceptable people. They can have their basketball championships and their stuffy air of superiority and their stolen laptops, but we can't let UConn overtake our passion for the pigskin, people. Rise up! And claim back your seat in Section 311, Row X! Do it for Donovan (McNabb and/or Darius), do it for Coach Mac, do it for DOCTOR Daryl Gross if you must. And if its a money thing, just skip the Dome Dog-Nacho combo for a few games. The lady in the seat in front of you will thank you.