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Can't Wait For Ovcina-Man 2: The Wrath Of Janulis

Cuse Country did the lord's work over the weekend, posting to a link to this website which is dedicated to the Belgium pro squad Telindus Oostende. Home of Syracuse's own Elvir Ovcina.

While we always liked to consider Elvir something not of this world while he donned the orange uni, we never imagined we'd see his true potential realized as it is now.

Don't be fooled by the makeshift ADT logo, this is a true super hero in every sense of the word. Let's take a look at his attributes:

Superpower: Vision Precision (not quite sure what that means...he can see really specific things?), The ability to unite a large group of people in defiance of a 24% lifetime three-point shooter lining up an open shot.
Weakness: Open threes
Mentor: Professor B (aka mild-mannered basketball coach Jim Boeheim)
Arch-Nemesis: The Gilded Dreadlock (aka Etan Thomas, stealer of precious minutes during their time together at Syracuse)