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You Honk, We Drink, The World Cries

It was MayFest on Tuesday at Syracuse University. According to WSTM Action News' Jared Werksma, Mayfest was supposed to be a celebration of "students teaching, learning and sharing their achievements with others." To mark the event, which by the way was held in lieu of classes and with gorgeous weather, a select few Syracuse students (and by select few, I mean 90%) decided to do the unthinkable...have BBQs and relax.

What price, education?

Poor Jared, he wants so badly to drop the microphone, take off his blazer and start launching ping-pong balls into plastic cups of warm Natty Light...but alas...that train has sailed... And leave it to a couple of shirtless lacrosse dicks to stand uncomfortably close to Jared during his broadcast and show off their stick skills.

Lacrosse dick #1: Bra, you know what would be killa?
Lacrosee dick #2: What, bra?
Lacrosse dick #1: Let's go throw the ball around.
Lacrosse dick #2: Hell yeah...let's go down to the lax field.
Lacrosse dick #1: Nah bra, let's do it right behind the reporta.
Lacrosse dick #2: But we might hit him.
Lacrosse dick #1: Bra, if you throw it to me, it won't be a problem.
Lacrosse dick #2: Woooord.

I love the indignation of the Action News anchor, who has apparently never visited a college campus before.

"Students were supposed to be preparing for their futures during Mayfest, but SOME are taking advantage of the situation, using it as extra party time."

I can understand where this anger comes from. I mean, every Labor Day and Memorial Day, when most Americans flock to their local war memorial for a day of reflection, its tough to look at the handful of people who use the day as a time to relax and take a break from the drudgery of life and think well of them. I know for me, when the 4th of July roles around and I spent all day in the library reading up on our nation's birth and taking a moment to cherish those important times, I can't imagine what all those firework-watching hooligans around the nation get out of their impudence.

Honestly, I think there's only one anchor over at Action News that who I can trust to give me the straight story from now on.