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Why Wait Until December To Hate Joe Lunardi?

Ask a room full of Syracuse fans to predict the Orange's chances in next year's NCAA tournament and you'll probably get a slew of answers.

They'll be national champs.

They'll lose in the first-round.

They'll make the Sweet 16.

They'll miss the tournament again after which Gary Walter's lifeless corpse will be found in the Boeheim's backyard while Jim and Juli dine on his innards.

What I think every single one of them would agree with is that its all speculation and its entirely way too early to judge how the NCAA season, let alone the NCAA tournament, is going to play out.

Don't tell that to Joe Lunardi. The
Star-Tribune (via The Big Lead) uncovered that even though we all stopped visiting ESPN's College Basketball page last week, Joe was hard at work crafting his first Bracketology for NEXT season.

Joe's #1's are Kansas, UNC, Memphis and Louisville. As you've come to expect, Syracuse is one of the "Last Four In."

Joe Lunardi's Syracuse hatred knows no off-season.