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This Express Is Just Getting Started

Hollywood, or as it will come to be known shortly, the town Syracuse Football built, is a flurrying atmosphere of shock and drama that makes the everyday events surrounding it seem mundane and therefore trivial.

Such is not the case in Elmira, New York, where a defaced purple fire hydrant is cause for town meetings and overtime for local police enforcement. Okay, maybe its not the Frank Capra-esque small-town I envision it to be, but there is one thing I do now about this Upstate New York town...they love them some Ernie Davis.

Ernie is the pride and joy of Elmira and with a film in the works about his life, you can expect that the Elmira Star-Gazette is going to pound the pavement for ever droplet of Davis-related news they can muster. The Ernie Davis Express beat must've been the most sought after in the newsroom since the great Labrador Duck disappearance of 1878.

Case in point, this story about Davis' mother and her apprehension towards the film. We'll from here on out dub it ExpressApprehensionWatch 2007. Fear not, Ernie's former football teammates...your time will come.

By the way, lest you think Elmira is throwing all of its money behind Ernie Davis to put them on the map, think again. Look to your left and feast your eyes on Elmira's Elite, Tommy Hilfiger, Brian Williams and first female shuttle commander Eileen Colleens and many others are all Elmiraons...ians...ites... Take that, Schenectady.