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Reading Realtime Updates of Syracuse-South Florida Will Never Be The Same blog aficionados, all thirty-seven of us, have noticed a strange absence and a glaring lack of estrogen the last few days on the Orange Basketball blog. That and the fact that the new banner seems to exclude one Kim Baxter, one half of the blog's voice.

We feared the worst. Is she missing, last seen somewhere in the Finger Lakes region? Has she been suspended for making derogatory comments about the Rutgers basketball team that were overshadowed by those made by Don Imus? Fed to Dave Rahme as a sacrifice to his Insider greatness?

Well actually its not that bad. Kim's bloggin' buddy Mike Waters
broke the news:

Kim will be leaving the Post-Standard soon for a new gig at She will be the website's new college basketball editor, overseeing the's coverage of college hoops.

Congrats to Kim. May she never have to endure another basketball game in Tampa.