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Every few days I troll the YouTube to see what's new in Syracuse-related video. I do my best to look for sports-related items but let's face it...I think we all know by now that even if it was a snuff film, if someones wearing a Syracuse t-shirt, I'm probably gonna link to it.

First up, courtesy of Josh Shear's CNY in the Pros blog, is this video of Casey Powell and, um, "Mike Powell," hawking their wares. You have to appreciate Mikey's dedication to show up, even if he does seem more than a little distracted.

After seeing this, I did some digging around and found that this was the tip of the iceberg in the up and coming "humorous Casey Powell video" niche that's sweeping the nation. Here, Casey explains the "girlfriend-getter," a neat lax stick trick that netted him a three-year-long relationship. But its what Casey doesn't say that's the real story here. Check the end of his the moment kinda just hangs there...that longing in his eyes at the end...the regret...I bet there's a whole 'nother story to be told that can't be easily demonstrated through fancy stickwork.

One of the sure signs that you've "made it" in the sports world? No, not having a trash bag full of money at your beckon call to make it rain when you see it (although that's up there). It's getting your own Sportscenter commercial. Carmelo is finally all growns up.

Finally, there's this MasterCard "Priceless" spoof which, despite being much funnier if done in 1999, is still effective for those of us who know the secret of Central New York's mysteriously hot summers that allow for maximum grilling potential.