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A Little Too Lax For My Tastes

Nebraska football went 5-6 a few years ago. Duke basketball missed the tournament once or twice in the late 90's. Hell, I'm pretty sure the Globetrotters even lost to the Washington Generals once or twice. What I'm saying is, every once in a while...shit happens.

After losing to Princeton on the road (which oddly enough is the first time that's happened since 1947), the Syracuse lacrosse team is 3-5.

In case you were wondering, the last time the Orange failed to make the NCAA Tournament was 1982. I can assure you John Desko is wondering.

"You could be 7-6 (and get in)," Desko said. "It's going to depend on what other teams do, what the rest of the field looks like. It's possible. But some of it is going to depend on what these other teams do."

The Orange have five games left to right the ship, if its even right-able at this point. Let's say they do win-out...whose to say there isn't a lacrosse version of Gary Walters sitting on the committee waiting to shut them out? In fact, are we positive Gary Walters isn't on the lacrosse selection committee? Can someone look into that?

Their first step on the road to recovery...Cornell. Should be no problem, right? Are they even ranked? Oh, they are? What, like #24th? No? What then?




Syracuse is on the verge of missing the NCAA lacrosse tournament and the top two teams in the country are Cornell and Albany. What the hell is going on?