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Let's All Agree To Stop This A-Rob Thing Before It Starts

Plenty of coverage from the Syracuse football spring game over here and here if you scroll down, so I don't have much to add myself. I'd just like to state a few things for the record for those of you unaware.

We have a dilemma on our hands. Andrew Robinson is likely to be our starting quarterback this year. Andrew Robinson has a long and generic name that lends itself to an easy-to-use nickname. The most obvious nickname choice is A-Rob.

Now...let's look at the facts.

1. The "first initial followed by the first couple letters of the last name" trend is over.
2. This trend was started by members of the hip-hop audience, and it was the kind of thing middle-aged white people would never do.
3. Middle-aged white people are now doing it with regularity.
4. When middle-aged white people start doing things with regularity, it is no longer a viable option for anyone to continue doing.

Please stop. Now. It's for the good of the nation.