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Leaving It All On The Court

You'll have to excuse me if I'm not diving headfirst into Syracuse football now that the basketball season is over. I haven't built up the fortitude to really start discussing Greg Robinson's Merry Men on a regular basis just yet. I'm still looking for ways to talk about their roundball counterparts.

Inspiration came to me in the most unusual of places...a homoerotic photo of Eric Devendorf. I say unusual but in fact, I suppose its quite the opposite. Our little Eric has quite the propensity for getting his picture taken while seemingly in the throws of passion with his teammates, or so it would at least seem.

Being that the season is over and this is a time of retrospect, I'd like to take a look back on the season that was in Eric Devondorf homoerotic photography. (Editor's Note: We're not implying anything about Devo. We love Eric here at TNIAAM....I mean, we don't LOVE LOVE him, not like that, we like him, okay? We LIKE him. We appreciate his balls, er BASKET-ball skills and....oh forget it...)


Okay, so there's nothing particularly homoerotic about this photo. It just makes Eric look like a little sissy.




Roberts: For real, we gotta talk to D about this Manwich shit.
Harris: Okay...I thought it was just me.
Nichols: Naw, that ain't cool, dawg. Not cool.


Nothing particularly homoerotic about this photo until you realize he's pointing at dudes.


"Who ordered the sausage pizza...hold the pizza..."


Boeheim: Okay, Eric, you play the ball...Eric, eyes on the ball, wherever it goes...Eric, are you listening to me?...Eric, the balls on the other side of the court, FOCUS!...God dammit....


"Listen, bubbela, I'm not lookin' to get married here. I'm saying after the game, a little dinner, a little dancing, a little flagrant fouling...whuddya say? Hands off, 45, I saw him first."


"So...frosh...listen...that thing I was saying last night...I was TOOOOOtally drunk. Cool? Cool, cool. But you know...if you're into that sort of thing that's cool too, I'm just saying...but yeah, totally drunk, totally drunk...don't even remember it...just going off what other people said I said............waaaaaaaaaasted."


Devendorf: I'm not going.
Rautins: You're going.
Devondorf: No I'm not.
Rautins: But you were fouled.
Devendorf: I don't care.
Rautins: Ugh, why do you always make this so difficult?
Devendorf: Oh, so I'm difficult?
Rautins: I didn't mean...fuck! You know what I mean.
Devondorf: Yeah I know exactly what you mean. DON'T TOUCH ME! I can walk myself!


You can jump to conclusions very easily with this photo. For instance, you might assume that Eric is admiring the item in Josh Wright's hands. You would be wrong.


Devendorf: WOOOOOO!!!!!
Watkins: WE DID IT!!!!
Devendorf: YEAHHH!!!
Watkins: Um...yeah man. Alright...
Devendorf: Greatest. Moment. Ever! WOOOO!
Watkins: can get down now, D.
Devendorf: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
Watkins: Coach??? A little help here...
Devendorf: Just a couple more seconds, okay?


The rest of the Orange didn't believe Eric when he said he could fit six billiard balls in his mouth. The rest of the Orange were wrong.


Hey, we're doing a "most homoerotic photos" countdown. You knew there had to be one.


Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod....I LOOOOOOOOVE this song!!! This is so my song!!! Andy, I called it! This one's mine!!! What? Oh...that's my song too!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!


Devendorf: Just stop and listen to me. I don't care about Boeheim. I don't care about Coach Hopkins. And I certainly don't care about Rautins. Right now, all I care about is knowing that you know I am 100% devoted to you. No ifs, ands or buts. Okay?
Nichols: Eric...just friends, remember?
Devendorf: After homecoming??? I don't think so...


Devendorf: Make sure you listen to Hot 107 later.

Rautins: Why?
Devendorf: I dunno...maybe there'll be a dedication to someone you know.
Rautins: Yeah???
Devendorf: Mmm hmm...
Rautins: Tell me.
Devendorf: That'll ruin the surprise.
Rautins: Oh c'mon, pwetty pwease...
Devendorf: Okay, I don't know the name of it but its that song from the Americon Idol guy, what's his name? Daughtery?
Rautins: Daughtry. Chris Daughtry. He so should have won it. I liked him to much more than Taylor.
Devendorf: Yeah, him. That new song of his...about going home or somethin'. Make me think of you cause, like, home is good and, you're good too.
Rautins: Awwwwww...c'mere you...