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It's tHERSday

Excuse me for stealing an old Daily Show headline there, but its high time we recognize the ladies. Shame on me for spending post after silly post fretting over the men's lacrosse team. Why keep complaining about a 3-6 team we expect to be ranked in the top ten when we have a perfectly good top-ten-ranked lacrosse team already.

That would be the 10th ranked Syracuse women's lacrosse team. These Orange (7-4) just finished a brutal road swing and return home where they host the #18 Rutgers team this evening.

The women's lax team has come quite a long way.

The Orange won its 100th game in just its 10th season of play. Syracuse owns an all-time record of 100-51 (.662) as SU has enjoyed one of the most successful tenures during the past 10 seasons. Syracuse has posted a winning season each of its first nine years and has qualified for postseason action six times. SU’s nine-consecutive winning seasons is the sixth-longest string in the history of the NCAA.

Kudos to head coach Lisa Miller who has seen the program from its infancy to becoming THE defining lacrosse program at Syracuse. Take a good look, men's team, maybe one day you'll be ranked too.