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It's Florida And Ohio State's World...

...we're just living in it and waiting for Florida to continue ruling it.

Oh, if there's any proof needed as to why I know Florida will win tonight, here it is:

There's just no way a Sports Illustrated cover like this is published and you win any major National Title in the same year. In fact, this kind of cover basically forewarns that you will lose in the worst way the National Title the same university...on the two biggest stages in the country.

Florida 78, Ohio State 66

Besides, Syracuse cornered the market on "one and done National Champions." Take your act elsewhere, Oden.

The Georgetown situation was a perfect ending for the Orange. The Big East got a team in the Final Four, just to remind everyone we're still elite. But the Hoyas didn't win, and since we beat them this season, they really can't gloat all that much next year. Until all the guys on that team come back and we play them in DC. Gulp.