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Hooray For...Nothing

Saw this over at today:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced today that it has fully certified the Syracuse University intercollegiate athletics program. The certification comes following a process that began in October 2005.

Certification means that the University remains eligible for all NCAA Championships and is considered to be operating its intercollegiate athletics program in substantial conformance with all of the standards upon which the NCAA evaluate Division I schools. The NCAA athletics certification process occurs once every 10 years. Syracuse successfully completed its last NCAA review process in 1998.

Okay, sounds like a very rudimentary thing. Like getting your car registered or bringing your ticket stub with you to the dry cleaners. So why is it that SU is celebrating like it just won the Orange Bowl?

"We are proud of our certification," said director of athletics Dr. Daryl Gross. "It is a tribute to our wonderful staff in athletics and the tremendous and collaborative support from our great University. Certification is what we all expected; however, we will continue to go beyond what is required and make significant progress toward being extraordinary in every way." it me or everyone just a little too excited about this? Why is everyone speaking as if there was a shot we wouldn't have been certified? And if so, what the hell would that have meant? Would we have been the newest member of the NAIA starting up a heated rivalry with College of the Ozarks? (Hey, at least we would have gotten that football playoff we've been asking for)

I'm sure I'm blowing smoke here, but still...the way Daryl Gross' tenure has gone so far I don't know if that would surprise me.