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Hip To Be Screwed

I've seen a lot of action movies where a gritty character gets a dislocated shoulder. Dislocatee cringes and asks his associate to help him pop it back into place. The associate, usually someone green, is wary of doing so but the dislocatee demands their help. And so the associate slams the dislocatee's shoulder back in or holds their hand whilst they do it themselves. Dislocatee screams. Dislocatee pants madly and regains composure. Dislocatee grabs his AK-47 and continues his assault on the Russian mobsters that killed his sister.

I assumed that when I heard Delone Carter suffered a dislocated hip during practice last week, things would proceed in the natural way, with Anthony Robinson giving Delone something to bite down on while they popped that flexor back into place.

Turns out...the movies lied to me...again.

"It's a serious injury," said Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson said during a press conference Monday. "Hip injuries, they take time, more so than maybe a shoulder or a knee or anything like that. Realistically, I think we have to believe that Delone won't be playing this fall."

Oh know that monkey whose been camped out on your back for the last two year? Don't look now but he's been replaced by an orangutan.

So if we can assume that Carter, who was pegged to be the "next James Mungro," which I will leave for you to decide how exciting that sounded, will no longer be providing us with his services this season, who will be our tailback(s)? Don't fret, Orange Nation, Carter was going to split time with another RB and now that runner finds himself in the driver's seat. Surely, if he's healthy, we'll be just fine.

Carter shared the tailback spot with junior Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley. Robinson said he would not limit Brinkley for the remainder of spring practice. Brinkley has complained of a sore knee this spring after he underwent arthroscopic surgery in January.

Who am I kidding, we're fucked.