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Go Ahead, Make Our Season

Sudden Impact was the 4th film in the Dirty Harry series but ironically enough, it was the first film in which he uttered the famous phrase "Go ahead, make my day."

Sudden Impact is apparently also the motto for this year's Syracuse Orange football team. This of course is the team that makes most of its fans utter the phrase "Go ahead, make one play."

That's the Spring Prospectus over there on the left, as handed out to the media yesterday. You'll see QB Andrew Robinson, WR Mike Williams, WR Taj Smith, DE Jameel McClain and TB Delone Carter have been designated your "players to name if someone questions your fanhood and says you couldn't even name five guys on the current team."

As for what Sudden Impact really means for this team...I have no idea. Would a five-win season count as sudden impact? I guess so. Dammit, Dr. Gross, you've covered your bases once again!