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A Brief Respite From My Orange-y Existence

Clark Griswald: Roy; can I call you Roy? Have you even driven your whole family cross-country?
Roy Walley
: Oh, hell yes. Once I drove all of them to Florida. The smell coming out of the back seat was terrible.
Clark Griswald
: I know that smell, Roy; but what if you had driven all that way and Florida was closed?
Roy Walley
: Closed? Uh, they don't close Florida.

All this talk of pregnant basketball players, funky madness and "I'm too cool for learnin' and shit, I'd rather grill and do bodyshots off freshman girls' asses" group-think has forced me to re-assess my role in all this. existence

Actually, I've had a vacation planned for a couple months now, can believe that first thing if you want for dramatic purposes.

I'm off to visit the grandparents in Florida where the dinners are served early, the left lane is the slowest and they regale with tales of yesteryear. I'll be back Thursday, which by that time I can only assume that the lacrosse team is one step closer to making the tournament, another one of our running back's has a leg injury and TK99 has announced that they will be instituting 24/7/365 Carnivale on campus to promote football games.

When I return, may I feel refreshed and born anew, as if I dipped myself in the waters of Lake Onondaga...and then took a chemical bath.