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Around The Interwebs In 80 Seconds

So much going on in this Syracuse-related world of ours, where does one find the time?

Thought you'd heard every opinion you needed to hear on the Don Imus issue? You haven't heard Etan Thomas' take on it. (Might I also recommend Jason Whitlock's counter-argument).

Sports Illustrated ranks to the
top ten active college basketball coaches. Guess who doesn't make the list? Oh Jimmy B, he of three Final Fours in three different decades and a national title is only "also considered" in the same group with Rick "I Can't Believe I Screwed Up My Year With Kevin Durant This Badly" Barnes. Billy Donovan is top-rated (duh). Jim Calhoun is #3 (good job this year), Rick Pitino is #5 and Billy Gillespie sneaks in at #10 despite having yet to coach a game at Kentucky.

To make up for the slight, SI also created this timely "
Best First-Round Picks By Draft Number" presentation. Who was the greatest #1 of all time? (Elway). More importantly, which school has the most selections on this list? The Cuse with four (Jim Brown at #6, Art Monk at #18, Marvin Harrison at #19 and Keith Bulluck at #30).