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You're Right, Kevin Spacey IS A Good Actor

I enjoyed watching this for six reasons:

1. The name of the band, "Kevin Space is a Good Actor," is fantastic.
2. The band is described on YouTube as being "up and coming." You don't say...
3. They're performing to a non-existent Carrier Dome crowd where apparently something really good to their left has just ended and something really good to their right is just beginning.
4. They're an "our drummer is also our singer" band, which is always a big plus.
5. Every single person walking past them is moving at top speed and refuses to make eye contact with them, lest they be drawn in by their hypnotic beats and entrancing lyrics.
6. I have no idea why this is happening in the Carrier Dome but I find the empty steel rows behind the band mesmerizing...its like the anti-NIT attendance record video.