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Your Long-Sticked Middie's Mamma Is A Hoya

Playing sloppy and unorganized, shoddy defense, no late-game scoring and a 1-2 record are what the Orange have to show for themselves so far this lacrosse season. So its probably not the best time in the world to play the #2 team in the country. The fact that's Georgetown is just plain evil.

If the Hoyas are the methodical and physical defensive team, the Orange are in theory the quick and agile high-scoring attack. Hopefully they can find their way back to that before finding themselves in a very deep 1-3 hole.

This game is also a matchup of
the two top active Division I head coaches. The Orange's John Desko owns the highest winning percentage of any active Division I head coach (.754, 98-32) and the Hoya's Dave Urick ranks second overall (.753, 296-97) and is 174-67 as the leader of the Hoyas.

If the Orange are looking for inspiration, they might want to look for it on Sirius Radio. Inside The National Lacrosse League with Casey Powell will debut Saturday, March 10 at 9 pm on SIRIUS channel 114. Former Syracuse All-American and POTY, Casey currently plays for the New York Titans and is about to play in the NLL All-Star game. The show is co-hosted by Doug Fritts, the National Lacrosse League's VP of Communications and a 1997 graduate of Syracuse University.

It's a lacrosse program hosted by a former Syracuse player and co-hosted by a Syracuse alumni. How much more Syracuse could you get? None. None more Syracuse.