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Wrapping Up The SOBs, The Ottos, The Cusies...Whatever You Call Them

Well there you have it, the first annual Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards have ended. They've come to be known as the SOBs in some corners, the Ottos in others. Whatever you refer to them as, know that it was a blast getting all the Orange soothsayers together to talk about the one thing we can all agree on, and we hope you enjoyed reading about it.

We've learned a lot, including whether or not our awards hold merit when Josh Wright wins more than Andy Rautins or Paul Harris. I'm sure you'll see the SOBs/Ottos again come the end of Syracuse football season, which is when you'll need that sort of diversion the most.

To recap, here are your winners:

Most Surprising Player - Andy Rautins
Favorite Boeheim Quote of the Year - Any of Boeheim's post-selection-snub rants
Best Senior - Demetris Nichols
Worst Game - Loss To St. Johns
Best Freshman - Paul Harris
Favorite Game - The Georgetown win
Worst Moment - The NCAA Tournament Selection
Best Sophomore - Eric Devendorf
Biggest Villain/Nemesis - Gary Walters
Best Junior - Josh Wright, begrudgingly
Favorite Moment - (going up on Orange44 momentarily)
Best Syracuse-Related Online Video - The Final Countdown
MVP - Demtris Nichols Thanks to all the sites who participated!