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Why We Love Jimmy B

It's a shame we already handed out our Best Jim Boeheim Quotes of the Year. Maybe we can put these nuggets towards next season:

"A guy from Kentucky just told me that my name had come up for the job," Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim said, laughing. "I told him if Kentucky had about $8 million a year, I might consider it." He paused. "You know, actually, that's not true. I wouldn't take that job for $8 million a year."

"I'm just here trying to schedule road games for next year," he said. "My goal in life is to make the [tournament selection] committee happy."

Before he could launch into a tirade about his team being left out of the tournament, College of Charleston Coach Bobby Cremins walked up.

"Way to go, Jim," he said. "Way to tell those guys on the committee off."

"Can I play you on the road next year?" Boeheim asked."